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I am attempting to create a netboot image using the K2000 media manager 3.4.51844 on a 10.7.3 mac, with 10.7.2 lion installation cd. 

It fails at the install_packages_107 script:

calling install_packages_107  /Volumes/Mac OS X Install ESD /Volumes/kace_netboot

installer: Package name is Mac OS X

installer: Installing at base path /Volumes/kace_netboot

installer: The install failed (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.)


Does anybody know whats going on here?

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It looks like it's related to this Apple cert issue:


The certificate expired on March 23. I've had success with changing the date to March 22, rebooting, and I was then able to make the Netboot KBE. You may try redownloading the Lion installer from the App Store and see if that helps, but it didn't last time I tested. 

Answered 04/12/2012 by: warmep
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  • thanks, yup the cert thing seems to be the issue.

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If you downloaded from the app store, and still have the Install Mac OS X Lion.app, make sure it is in applications, then open the app store and check for updates.  Or simply hold down the option key and click purchases to re-download.  This should update your media to the latest version of 10.7.3 with a new certificate so you don't have this issue.

Answered 04/16/2012 by: cserrins
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