I'm trying to remove almost all drivers out of the KBE driver folders for a KBE that works with systems having only 512MB of ram, but when I try to delete the folders or files it either ignores the command or tells me "Make sure you have permission..."

I am using Windows explorer and have authenticated properly to access the Samba share folders. Version K2200 3.5.80613 Deployment Appliance. Any one know what I'm doing wrong?

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  • I know this sounds silly but have you rebooted the K2?
  • Are you trying to delete the top level folders? Think I had to drill down and delete from a sub-folder when doing that...
  • To answer both of you, yes I was trying at the top level folders, but then I tried at the sub level. Weird thing was, the files were deleted leaving the entire folder structure, from top all the way down to the lowest sub level, intact. Even after rebooting, it won't delete the folders. *Shrug* All the files are gone though which is what I really need. We'll see what happens when I try to copy them all back over.
    • If you run a Purge and then reboot there is a good chance those folders will get deleted as well.
  • ...ah this rings the bell now. That is what happened to me. Same thing.
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There was an upgrade bug that caused this and if you call support they will connect and fix the rights problem.

Answered 09/03/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
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There could be 2 issues, one could be permissions as SMal.tmcc pointed out.  One way to check this on your own is to download a driver from the feed.  If this does not resolve the issue, look at the second issue.

This could also be due to a samba 3.6.4 bug (to be resolved in 3.6), where one is unable to delete specific directories.  In this case, you can contact support for a Tier 3 support person to implement a workaround for you.

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Answered 09/03/2013 by: cserrins
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