Has anyone had any success terminating a process before all of its stages have been spawned?

Our HR New Hire process has  a background check and drug screen component which dependent on their result, the additional stages of the process should not spawn.

For Example

New Hire - John Doe
1. John Doe - Background Check - Passed
2. John Doe - Drug Screen - Failed
3. John Doe - New Hire Paperwork
4. John Doe - Assign Employee Number
5. John Doe - Allocate Equipment

Stages 3-5 should not be spawned because the prospective new hire did not pass step 2.  However I have failed thus far in attempting to implement this type of behavior on the Service Desk Process.

Please Help!

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  • You can't stop the process as it is independent of the result. What you have to do is create a custom ticket rule that looks for the background or drug to fail and it closes the rest of the tickets as a result but you can't stop tickets 3-5 from opening.

    I don't know if there is a blog on ITNINJA that will show you but you will need to know MySQL or have a resource available.
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