Need KACE agent for Amazon Linux 2

Need KACE agent for Amazon Linux 2

I've tried installing the RHEL 64-bit on an Amazon Linux 2 image and even though all services are running, agent is still not reporting into KACE console.  I did have to manually install a couple of dependencies for AMPTools but after the install and reboot all services are now running. 





Has anyone had any luck installing again on Amazon Linux 2 and getting it successfully reporting back to KACE Console?



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  • What version of SMA and Agent ?
    Review the KAgent.log and konea.log for errors. Please post the errors reported.

    There is the Agentless option. - KevinG 2 years ago
  • I've gone through all the log files; KAgent.log, konea.log, KScheduler.log and KWatchDog.log. Only KAgent and konea had errors. I've listed them below:

    KAgent.log errors

    [2019-10-22.23:33:35][KInventory:AddItem ] KInventory Error: InventoryData AddItem : Could not find map in 'OperatingSystem' for 'Caption'
    [2019-10-22.23:33:35][KInventory:AddItem ] KInventory Error: InventoryData AddItem : Could not find map in 'MotherboardDevice' for 'PrimaryBusType'
    [2019-10-22.23:33:37][KInventory:fetch_DiskDrive ] [fetch_DiskDrive] Error calling HDIO_GET_IDENTITY
    [2019-10-22.23:33:37][KInventory:fetch_DiskDrive ] [fetch_DiskDrive] Error calling HDIO_GET_IDENTITY
    [2019-10-22.23:33:37][KInventory:fetch_DiskDrive ] [fetch_DiskDrive] Error calling HDIO_GET_IDENTITY
    [2019-10-22.23:33:37][KInventory:fetch_DiskDrive ] [fetch_DiskDrive] Error calling HDIO_GET_IDENTITY
    [2019-10-22.23:33:37][KInventory:AddItem ] KInventory Error: InventoryData AddItem : Could not find map in 'DiskDrive' for 'DeviceID'
    [2019-10-22.23:33:37][KInventory:AddItem ] KInventory Error: InventoryData AddItem : Could not find map in 'PageFileUsage' for ''

    konea.log errors
    2019-10-22.09:05:01-0600|INFO |serverconn.go:280:func2 | Disconnected |{"err":"session shutdown"}
    2019-10-22.09:05:01-0600|ERROR|process.go:143:func1 | Module Exited |{"err":"signal: killed","module":"clientidentifier"}
    2019-10-22.09:05:01-0600|ERROR|requesterlistener.go:68:Run | Stop Requester Listener |{"err":"accept tcp use of closed network connection"} - tlarue 2 years ago
  • Were you able to get this running? We're looking for a solution that can run in AWS as we're migrating our infrastructure. - stapia@rainforrent.com 2 years ago
  • To date, we have not been able to get KACE Agent installed and running on AMZLinux2. - tlarue 2 years ago

Answers (1)

Posted by: Nico_K 2 years ago
Red Belt

officially it is not supported but since it is based on RHEL it should work.
1. What version of agent do you try?
2. What version of SMA do you use?
3. If you run /opt/quest/kace/bin/runkbot 2 0 do you see any errors?
4. Review the logs to check what happened (on the appliance and on the client when you try to report back looking at the same timestamps)

If you have problems with the logs you can post them here 

  • 1) what version of agent: QuestKACE-Agent/10.0.113
    2) what version of SMA: currently we are installing manually on VDI workspace in AWS (amazonlinux2)
    3) runkbot results:

    * Trying removed...
    * TCP_NODELAY set
    * Connected to removed (removed) port 443 (#0)* Connection #0 to host removed left intact

    all cert info is correct and complete, no errors

    Host: removed
    User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux/4.14.146-119.123.amzn2.x86_64) libcurl/7.53.1 OpenSSL/1.0.2r zlib/1.2.11 QuestKACE-Agent/10.0.113
    Accept: */*
    KUID: removed
    Content-Encoding: gzip
    Content-Length: 1402
    Expect: 100-continue

    < HTTP/1.1 100 Continue
    * We are completely uploaded and fine
    < HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    < Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 16:53:02 GMT
    < Server: Apache
    < Access-Control-Allow-Headers: x-kace-auth-timestamp, x-kace-auth-key, x-kace-auth-signature, accept, origin, content-type
    < Access-Control-Allow-Methods: PUT, DELETE, POST, GET, OPTIONS
    < X-KACE-Appliance: K1000
    < X-KACE-Host: removed
    < X-KACE-Version: 10.0.290
    < X-KBOX-WebServer: removed
    < X-KBOX-Version: 10.0.290
    < X-KACE-WebServer: removed
    < X-UA-Compatible: IE=9,EDGE
    < Cache-Control: private, no-cache, no-store, proxy-revalidate, no-transform
    < Content-Length: 0
    < Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
    * Connection #0 to host removed left intact
    [2019-10-24.10:53:03][runkbot:UploadUsingCurl ] UPLOADFILE: CURL DEBUG INFO --->>> END <<<---
    [2019-10-24.10:53:03][runkbot:UploadUsingCurl ] UploadFile: Uploaded to https://removed/service/kbot_upload.php?BAD_MAC_IP= Upload speed: 734.000000 bytes/second
    [2019-10-24.10:53:03][runkbot:UploadUsingCurl ] UploadFile: Server gzip compression cleanup.
    [2019-10-24.10:53:03][runkbot:KCopyFile ] copy of /tmp/f15e-71d4-6bd2-9ce2 to https://removed/service/kbot_upload.php?BAD_MAC_IP= succeeds
    [2019-10-24.10:53:03][runkbot:Cleanup ] KBotScriptLog::Cleanup - Cleaning up log file [/tmp/f15e-71d4-6bd2-9ce2]

    [2019-10-24.10:53:03][runkbot:main ] runkbot ----- Exiting runkbot.exe -----

    4) found NO errors in any logs;
    - KAgent.log
    - KwatchDog.log
    - kagentbootupscript.log
    - crontabinstall.log
    - konea.log

    More info. We have KACE windows agents installed in same subnet. Those agents are reporting back fine to our our kace console. Here is result for 'ps -aux | grep quest'"

    [#I have no name!#]$ sudo ps -aux | grep quest
    removed 5536 0.0 0.0 119416 932 pts/0 S+ 11:34 0:00 grep --color=auto quest
    root 5540 0.1 0.0 832272 9096 ? Ssl 11:34 0:00 /opt/quest/kace/bin/konea
    root 5550 0.9 0.0 535408 7528 ? Sl 11:34 0:00 /var/quest/kace/modules/clientidentifier/clientidentifier
    root 5568 0.0 0.0 171044 2932 ? Ssl 11:34 0:00 /opt/quest/kace/bin/KSchedulerConsole --daemon
    root 5581 0.0 0.0 22712 3544 ? S 11:34 0:00 /opt/quest/kace/bin/KPlugins S1BsdWdpblJ1blByb2Nlc3MgcnVua2JvdAoxIDAKMAo=
    root 5582 0.1 0.0 141728 8708 ? S 11:34 0:00 /opt/quest/kace/bin/runkbot 1 0
    root 5588 0.0 0.0 21288 3772 ? S 11:34 0:00 /opt/quest/kace/bin/KBoxClient.exe -server=removed -urltype=https -company=removed -splash=removed IT NOTIFICATION: KACE Systems Management Appliance is verifying your system configuration and managing software updates. Please Wait... -fade=1 -notifyevent=
    root 5616 17.0 0.0 26140 7312 ? S 11:35 0:00 ./KInventory -machine -output /var/quest/kace//inventory.xml - tlarue 2 years ago
    • the issue is this one:
      [2019-10-24.10:53:03][runkbot:UploadUsingCurl ] UploadFile: Uploaded to https://removed/service/kbot_upload.php?BAD_MAC_IP= Upload speed: 734.000000 bytes/second

      BAD_MAC_IP means that the uploaded XML was empty or badly filled.
      Check the following:
      1. is /var/quest/kace/inventory.xml avaiable and if yes, is it empty or not
      2. does it contain the following fields with "correct" info
      Your OS may read it out not correctly.

      Other things to check:
      1. do you have enough client licenses, since if you have 1000 licenses and the device 1001 wants to check in, it is denied with BAD_MAC_IP too. (go to Need Help? | (i) )
      2. can you inventory a supported OS in addition (because the VM could be just have not enough ressources, which means: it works, but suddenly it stops to do such tings because it is too busy) A good overview is (http://removed/munin or over the Settings| Logs| System Performance, which shows the munin too, I used your "name" as appliance name, what you modified in your logs) - Nico_K 2 years ago
      • the /var/quest/kace/inventory.xml does exist and it does contain data


        I'm sure CDATA is not what is expected. CDATA is listed in several fields other than NAME and OS_NAME.

        Suggestions? - tlarue 2 years ago
  • rebooted and ran /opt/quest/kace/bin/runkbot 2 0 again.... other than what's listed below, no errors....

    kbot[2:0] @ 2019-10-24T15:17:13 (output) /bin/sh: fix_kupdater.sh: command not found
    kbot[2:0] @ 2019-10-24T15:17:13 (output)
    kbot[2:0] @ 2019-10-24T15:17:13 (debug) runkbot ----- completed [result=0 exitCode=127] -----
    kbot[2:0] @ 2019-10-24T15:17:13 (output) ProcessOps_LaunchProgram: Launch failed: 0 exitCode=127
    kbot[2:0] @ 2019-10-24T15:17:13 (activity) verify - always_fail
    kbot[2:0] @ 2019-10-24T15:17:13 (status) FINISH (In state 'remediation_failed') - tlarue 2 years ago

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