recently when attempt to install a package to some test server for user to test a Citrix published application, an unusual message prompts after we finish the installation of the package which says "Your session will be RESET in 15 minutes. Please save all data and LOGOFF. Any unsaved data will be lost."

The package does not shows this when attempt to install on desktop, this happens on the server, but we are clueless how this came about, and we trying to get rid of it currently. Grateful if someone who knows about it can shed some light for it. Thanks.

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  • That's probably the TS or RDS stuff doing its magic. Either from a reboot, or if the application was in use, or needing to reset an app that it integrates with. Try disconnecting user sessions and try again. This is why the recommended approach is to take the server out of action for the install
  • but that's what we trying avoid too, since the behaviour over desktop is fine, this is questioned by people, so we need to come out if this can be eliminated or avoidable. Conflicting with some other stuff in registry/service maybe, I have to check further again to tell.
  • If you make sure there are no users logged into RDS does it work OK?? Do that one test first
  • Unfortunately I am not covering the deployment side, and the engineer performing this for TEST is doing it manually/remotely. I can only provide what I can from my side from the package perspective
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If the installer is an MSI - remember that many EXEs extract and execute an MSI in the background - it's probably a Custom Action which is conditioned to only run when it detects a server OS. It's a simple matter to condition that out in a transform, having first isolated the MSI.

Answered 04/28/2014 by: VBScab
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  • Hi, thanks for reply.
    The installer in use is an MSI. Custom actions created does not has any condition that checks Server OS, but one of it does executes embedded VBS and performs actions which grants folder permission, and edit a user groups permission.
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