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I have been tasked with updating our process templates in order to facilitate the removal of items after 90 and 360 days.  Does anyone know of a way to make a child ticket only appear after 90 or 360 days?

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Posted by: Hobbsy 2 years ago
Red Belt

Ticket processes are designed to work on the basis that when all of stage 1 tickets are closed, stage 2 tickets are logged and so on.

If you want to create a ticket after say 90 days, the only way to introduce that would be to have a holding ticket logged, which is then closed by a ticket rule after 90 days, which in turn would mean the next ticket in the process would be created

  • That's a great approach. I'm thinking you could put the holding ticket in a queue that the technicians wouldn't even see, which prevents them from short circuiting the system (or complaining about tickets in their queue that they can't close). - chucksteel 2 years ago
    • Team Work - Makes the Dream work....thanks Chuck!! - Hobbsy 2 years ago
      • My problem is that these tickets do need to be seen by the technicians and only appear after 90 and 360 days. - tbingeman 2 years ago
    • To clarify:
      The Stage 2 holding ticket can be placed in a separate queue that isn't viewable to the technicians (we'll call this the "Holding" queue). That ticket would have a due date of x days after the Stage 1 ticket is closed.

      A custom rule in the Holding queue would run once a day and close tickets that are due that day.

      When the due date is reached and the ticket is closed, the Stage 3 ticket will be automatically created in the queue where technicians will see the ticket. - chucksteel 2 years ago
      • The longest option in the due date offset field is 1 month. How do I get this to accept my 90 or 360 day offsets? when I try typing in the number of days it never stays. - tbingeman 2 years ago
      • Interesting, we don't use due date in our environment, so I didn't know that. If that is the case, then creating a custom date field would be the better option. You might have to set it using a ticket rule. - chucksteel 2 years ago
      • Looks like it is a modification that will take the Pro Services team to fix so this may not be a viable solution unfortunately. - tbingeman 2 years ago
  • Can you not just set a ticket rule to set the value of the due date for 90 days, the only thing you need to do is make sure that SLA's in your holding queue are disabled as that is usually the only mechanism that sets the due date?? - Hobbsy 2 years ago
    • the problem with ticket rules is that there would be 2 different due date timeframes that would be needed. The first holding ticket would need 90 days and the second would need 270 days in the future. From what I have seen, and I am by no means an expert, this would no be possible as the rules would affect every ticket so they would all get hit with either 90 or 270 days, whichever rule ran first. - tbingeman 2 years ago
      • Yeah I'm not sure that is right, and I still think this is possible. What you need to do (if you really want to do this) is write it down, document the logic and flow that you want and email it over for me to sanity check - Hobbsy 2 years ago
      • You would set the date field via a rule that detects the holding ticket was created. So your process needs to create two holding tickets, one for the 90 days and another for the 270 days. Those tickets could be flagged in the title to include the number of days.

        Rule 1 looks for tickets created that have the 90 day flag in the title and sets the date field to now plus 90 days.

        Rule 2 looks for tickets created that have the 90 day flag in the title and sets the date field to now plus 270 days.

        Rule 3 checks for any tickets that have the date field set to today and closes them. It doesn't matter if the ticket was created 90 days ago or 270 days ago, the date was set when the ticket was created.

        Edit: fixed typo - chucksteel 2 years ago
      • Of course, instead of fixed rules for 90, 270, 360 days, you could probably get clever and have your title contain a string like HoldFor:90 and the custom ticket rule pulls the number from the title and sets the date field to now plus that value. - chucksteel 2 years ago
      • Chuck could you help me with writing the ticket rules to make this work? - tbingeman 2 years ago
      • Sure thing. I have a few projects on my table, but I'll try to work on this over the next couple of days. - chucksteel 2 years ago
      • Chuck,

        Were you ever able to figure this out on how the rules should read? - tbingeman 2 years ago
  • Well that's me suitably dumped then ;o) - Hobbsy 2 years ago
    • Hobbsy you are more then welcome to help. - tbingeman 2 years ago
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