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I am working on creating a deployment of the latest QuickTime build and it appears that some changes have been made that are now causing QT fail after the install.

When launching QT after the install, I receive an error "Please install Apple Application Support", after selecting OK the application closes and goes no further.

It appears that QT is now bundled with this new MSI (Apple Application Support) and will not run without it. After extracting the exe, a file called AppleApplicationSupport.msi now exists.

There is another thread in the Apple forum in regards to it but no fixes for it as of yet.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Please check once again, what changes you have made?
Answered 09/18/2009 by: abking99
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Here are the steps that I have taken which are the same one's I have used for the last 2 builds.

1. Extract contents of QuickTimeInstaller.exe
2. Edit QuickTime.msi in Orca, edit Summary Information, add 0 in Languages field to make language neutral
3. Using Admin Studio, create MST
4. Product Properties - Modified Default Destination Path (D:\Program Files\Apple\QuickTime
5. Add (previously edited) QuickTime.qtp to CommonAppDataFolder\Apple Computer\QuickTime
6. Properties Table - SCHEDULE_ASUW=0, AdminProperties - Removed QT_TRAY_ICON, SCHEDULE_ASUW, SecureCustomProperties - Removed ASUWISINSTALLED, REGSRCH_QT_TRAY_ICON, SCHEDULE_ASUW
7. CheckBox Table - Change ChkOptInstASU Value to 0
8. LaunchCondition Table - Delete NOT BNEWERPRODUCTISINSTALLED

After deploying the software or doing a silent install I launch the app and the error listed in the previous post appears.
Answered 09/18/2009 by: schambers
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Check this one from the PKB
Answered 09/18/2009 by: bheers
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I've gone through the Knowledge Base articles several times already. Is there something specific in regards to my problem that you are pointing me to?
Answered 09/18/2009 by: schambers
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Found this. Going to give it try as i am seeing the same error after deploying QT silently to 1k systems.

Answered 10/09/2009 by: jwray239
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I did almost like schambers@specservic said and it work. But, we still need to install AppleApplicationSupport.msi, you don't have a choice on this.

I install it through SCCM and work like a charm.
Answered 10/09/2009 by: darkfang
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I am packaging quicktime When I extracted I got three appleapplicationsupport.msi, quicktime.msi,quicktimeinstalleradmin.exe, and applesoftwareupdate.msi.

Now it is confirmed that when we only install quicktime.msi, and launch the shortcut then it will through an error
"C:\program files\quicktime\quicktimeplayer.exe this application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the appliation may fix this problem."

And if you install appleapplicationsupport.msi this error goes away and everything works fine.

Now I am confused whether to install these both .msis on the client pcs, or we have any other solution by installing only quicktime.msi ?

Thanks in advance

Answered 12/03/2009 by: ramesh111k
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if you install appleapplicationsupport.msi this error goes away and everything works fine. Holy cow...How many bl*&%$dy times!

Read the 'Package KB' and post #7.
Answered 12/04/2009 by: VBScab
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You need to install both MSI's
Answered 12/04/2009 by: mekaywe
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Hi, I have recently done this package. For quicktime palayer you should install AppleApplicationSupport.msi, QuickTime.msi, then only quicktime player works.
Answered 12/07/2009 by: happyshak
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Follow below link for packaging latest version of Quicktime on Windows 7


Answered 06/14/2012 by: piyushnasa
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