I am trying to run a report that would compare a group of computers with a set of patches to see compliance levels.    basically i want to find out what criteria comprise the "succeeded" on a Detect and deploy.  

My problem with a detect is that I runs a certain time and is done.  So if the computer does not go online that day, it does not get counted as patched.  i want to have a report i can extract form the data bases.

Thoughts, anyone?
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  • Two things: You can configure your detect schedule to run the next time the computer connects to the network, so you can get around the problem of the computer not being on when your schedule runs.

    Your report would be based on the last time the computer updated inventory if you use the software table to find patches. If you want to use the patching tables then you need it to run a detect, which gets you back to adjusting your detect schedule.
    • That is basically what I do now. Was just hoping for a better way. THNX
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