Hi Everyone, I need help creating a vbscript that remvoes the shortcuts folders from "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\StartM~1\Programs\lotusn~1" after they are created or untill the install process is done. I have tried my batch script with start /wait of my install doesnt work. So if I have a VBScript that looks for the runing process or monitor when these shortcuts are created will work. Here is my batch file


IF EXIST "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\StartM~1\Programs\lotusn~1 rmdir" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\StartM~1\Programs\lotusn~1" /s /q
IF EXIST "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\StartM~1\Programs\lotusm~1 rmdir" "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\StartM~1\Programs\lotusm~1" /s /q

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first of all, have you checked if your setup might contain an MSI? It would be alot easier to get rid of the shortcuts menu.

I suspect the setup.exe only launches another installer and exits, which is why start /wait does not work.

Answered 05/16/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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If you are creating a vbscript this has to be tricky you need to loop sleep counter till the folder is deleted as shown in the below snippet:

Dim counter

counter = 0

Do While fso.FolderExists(DelFoldername) And counter < 10
WScript.Sleep 1000
counter = counter + 1

If fso.FolderExists(DelFolderName) Then
' Write a failure message.
End If

Answered 05/16/2012 by: adilrathore
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  • Thanks for the help, I didnt have to write a script, I end up using application launcher script to remove those folders. Thanks
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