I've read and viewed all the tutorials on workflows. There is one particular detail that I did not see covered. In my workflow I'm going to have a software approval process. A user will request and then a decision board will approve and then it will move on to risk assessment and so on. Each ticket when closed kicks off the next one. But what if there is a denial along the way? For example, if the board denies the request. Is there an option to cancel the workflow and close that ticket without generating any subsequent tickets?

Thanks for the help.

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  • For that level of sophistication you will have to do custom ticket rules.
    • Thanks JBR. I haven't actually run into that situation yet but it is sure to come up. I'll look in to that.
  • A crazy problem that I'm having with this now is the Email notifications. I have it set up correctly for another queue so I copied that whole SQL and then just edited the email address. This new one will not send out an email. I have checked the syntax down to the letter.
    Is there something obvious or common that I may have overlooked with the email notifications that all the rookies do? This is making so little sense to me. It works fine for one but not the other.
    • Is the rule enabled?
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