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I've been doing software upgrades since the 1980s and my cardinal rule is to wait a while for someone else to find the bugs before upgrading my production system.  I broke that rule last week and upgraded my K2000 to the latest version.  The SDA upgrade from 6.1.251 to 7.0.357 went fine.  Unfortunately, when I started upgrading my RSAs that were all on 6.1.251, many of them failed.  After reboot, they refused web connections and would not allow konfig login at the console.  My typical experience with Quest support when RSAs are bricked is for them to tell me to recreate the RSAs.  Ten of the 18 RSAs I'd started did upgrade successfully.  I wasn't looking forward to recreating those 8 bricked RSAs and still had another 12 that needed upgrading.  I opened a ticket with Quest and crossed my fingers.  Thankfully, a Quest support person got in a WebEx session with me and eventually figured out they all failed at the same point in the upgrade.  He was able to login as root and restart the upgrades on all bricked systems.  They all completed successfully!  Whew!!!  They're still investigating why some are failing.  I've had four more fail today but Quest support got them all restarted successfully.  Moral of the story...  You might want to wait to upgrade to 7.0 (like I should have) but don't fret if the RSA upgrade fails - Quest support has a lot of experience fixing my systems.

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  • I bet they are all Hyper-V based... be careful with:




    This only applies to Hyper-V.

    Also Do you remember if you triggered the update via the SDA console?

    Or you went to the RSA's console and use the Offline installer?

    Maybe the payload wasn't properly transferred to the RSAs?
  • They are all Hyper-V and they are all configured properly. I triggered the updates via the SDA console.

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