:::: trying to run this script: Anything wrong in it?? Its not giving any error though.
All I was trying to run this cmdline: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Driver\1050\Intel 32\IDriver.exe" /M{AC568C0D-44AD-47B0-B21E-C303FE989C89} /uninst

Option Explicit
On Error Resume Next
Dim path, objFSO, WshShell, cmdln
path=CreateObject("WScript.Shell").ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%" & ("\InstallShield\Driver\1050\Intel 32\IDriver.exe"))
set objFSO=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set WshShell=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
cmdln = (path & " " & ("/M{AC568C0D-44AD-47B0-B21E-C303FE989C89}") & " " & ("/uninst"))
If objFSO.FileExists(path) = True Then
WshShell.Run("""" & cmdln & """")
Set WshShell = Nothing
End If
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Too many brackets and quote marks. Try this (note the use of this forum's CODE tag...): Option Explicit

Dim path,
Dim objFSO
Dim objWshShell
Dim cmdln
Dim strCommonProgramFilesFolder

On Error Resume Next

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If Not IsObject(objFSO) Then
End If

Set objWshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
If Not IsObject(objWshShell) Then
End If

strCommonProgramFilesFolder = objWshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%COMMONPROGRAMFILES%")
path = strCommonProgramFilesFolder & "\InstallShield\Driver\1050\Intel 32\IDriver.exe"
cmdln = path & " /M{AC568C0D-44AD-47B0-B21E-C303FE989C89} /uninst"

If InStr(cmdln, " ") > 0 Then
cmdln = Chr(34) & cmdln & Chr(34)
End If

WScript.Echo cmdln

If objFSO.FileExists(path) = True Then
End If

Set objWshShell = Nothing
Set objFSO = Nothing
Answered 09/29/2011 by: VBScab
Red Belt

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