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thanks in advance for any pointers.

I'm a bit of a newbie in this respect though i've used the standard msi offerings for deployment purposes for a while now. I've been given an MSI for a VPN solution that we need to implement across the board imminently. As part of the installation of this there are a number of switches that need activating, like to set the .ini configuration file location. I can see in InstEd that this command is specified in the CustomActions Folder in the MSI. my question is very simple....

Below is the entry for this CustomAction

Action: _7EE946E2_AD8A_4497_AD9C_565F98E3E0F0.SetProperty
Type: 51
Source: _7EE946E2_AD8A_4497_AD9C_565F98E3E0F0

To Specify this file do I basically just delete the blurb in the Source Location enter in the network address for the .ini and then add the saved MST to the GPO to get this deployed with the MSI ?

is it that simple?

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No. You need to find the property called 'CONFIGURATIONFILE' in the Property table and change that.
Answered 08/18/2010 by: VBScab
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Thanks for the quick reply.

There doesnt appear to be any configurationfile specified in the property table or indeed anywhere else within the MSI. could this switch be called in some other method within the MSI?

In InstEd it is indicates the following relationship is in place for this:

Table: InstallExecuteSequence
Row Key: _7EE946E_AD8A_4497........0F0.SetProperty
Relationship Description: InstallExecuteSequence.Action REFERENCES CustomAction.Action, optional

The installation routine I need to replicate is this:

msiexec.exe /i ngvpn.msi ALLUSERS=1 NGSETUP=1 CONFIGURATIONFILE=<path>\<.ini file name>

hope this clarrifies
Answered 08/18/2010 by: ArmsteR
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could be I'm reading this wrong but why not just add the CONFIGURATIONFILE property in the MST and pass the value on the command line?
It's a public property so I wonder what the need is for a CA to populate it..

Answered 08/18/2010 by: pjgeutjens
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Pieter, perhaps the CA is reading data from somewhere in order to set the property's value?

David, if the property isn't present, make it so (as Pieter advised).
Answered 08/18/2010 by: VBScab
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Thanks for your help on this, I'll give it a try and let you know the results
Answered 08/18/2010 by: ArmsteR
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If you have the ngsetup.ini file in the same location as the MSI then you could set the property just before _7EE946E2_AD8A_4497_AD9C_565F98E3E0F0.SetProperty executes.

# Add the "SetConfigurationFilePath" custom action
Action: SetConfigurationFilePath
Type: 51
Target: [OriginalDatabase]ngsetup.ini

# Execute the SetConfigurationFilePath
Make sure to sequence it just before the "_7EE946E2_AD8A_4497_AD9C_565F98E3E0F0.SetProperty" custom action
Answered 08/18/2010 by: AngelD
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