Hi All.
I have a question in relation to deploying an msi via Active Directory.
Firstly the application is currently deployed via Active Directory and I
have decided to take a slightly tweaked version of the MSI and deploy
it to users via Active Directory. The normal (un-tweaked) app has been
distributed to users under the "published" context.
Now when I remove myself from the group with the normal app msi
and add myself into the group with the tweaked app msi
and log onto another machine (That has no traces of the app in question)
the tweaked msi doesnt install. Instead, all I see are shortcuts (damaged)
relating to the normal msi.

It is worth mentioning that both MSI's have the same product id.would this
have any implications?
They both reside on the same share, but obviously under different directories.
In the event viewer i see - Product: ProductName -- You do not have sufficient privileges to complete this installation for all users of the machine. Log on as administrator and then retry this installation.

I run the logger for the windows installer and I noticed the following, but Im not
sure how entirely important this is:
SOURCEMGMT: Attempting to use LastUsedSource from source list.
SOURCEMGMT: Trying source \\domainname\software_share\ProductName

but I have to state that this UNC pertains to the normal MSI, not my tweaked msi.
I dont understand why windows installer is trying to install this when I log onto a
machine I have never logged into before (which is clean by the way).At this stage
also, I have removed myself from the group which is assigned the Normal msi and put
myself in the tweaked msi group.

Also further on in the log i see:
Adding new sources is allowed.
Set LastUsedSource to:\\domainname\software_share\ProductName
Set LastUsedType to: n.
Set LastUsedIndex to: 1.
SOURCEMGMT: Resolved source to:\\domainname\software_share\ProductName

And finally further on again, i see:
Resolving source.
Resolving source to launched-from source.
Setting launched-from source as last-used.
SOURCEDIR ==> \\domainname\software_share\ProductName
SOURCEDIR product ==> {807R677D-83UC-P9J4-V934-A835-E3M89PK429J6}

I dont know why its looking at the old msi. It should be looking at the new one.
Has anyone any tips, or info they could provide?
I would be forever greatful,
Many thanks
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