Hey Guys:

I've been working with managed installs and scripting on a K1000 the last few weeks and I've gotten several installers (15 or so) to work correctly.  

There's one program I can't quite get to work though - Fonality HUD Client 3.5.

When I attempt the manual install via command line using this script - "msiexec /i "hud-" /qn" - it installs correctly.  However when I upload the .msi (or .zip file with the .msi file enclosed) into the K1000 and add the same script to the managed installation command line it only copies the files to the program files directory.  No desktop shortcut is added and no add/remove programs entry is made as it is when you install it manually.

Interestingly it allows me to run the program if I run it from the source .exe file once it's copied onto the computer.  I also see the program in the KACE software inventory list.

I'm at a loss here and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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