Over the last two weeks I've had a new problem appear.

Software upgrades fail as the installation directory can't be read.

What seems to be happening is a program uninstalls the old version but then can't access the folder to install the new version.
If I browse to the folder I can't access it either.

After a reboot I can then install the software.

Has anyone seen this problem appear? At the moment my upgrades are turning into uninstalls. :(

It looks to be a problem with any MSI based package.

(Windows 7 SP1)

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  • We have also had this same exact issue. Disabling metering has resolved this issue. Messages include but not limited to: The install has insufficent privileges to acces this directory, Unable to view or change ownership on the affected folder, The Owner on the object says says Unable to display current owner
    It completely locks the folder down. There is an unlocker tool that we used while initial troubleshooting as we too didnt realize it was KACE's 5.5 metering that caused this.
  • Hi we also had this problem. Caused windows updates to randomly be affected and also iTunes was not able to be updated.
  • Hi, We also have this problem, I noticed it because our Veeam backups started failing and I used process explorer to track that it was Kace locking the folder Veeam was trying to delete when it finished the backup. I also reported this and they said oh yeah, we know about that, you'll just have to wait .... still waiting
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Hi theatrebyte,

Although you haven't specifically stated it, I'm assuming you're using the KACE K1000 and have upgraded to 5.5?

I discovered and reported this bug to KACE last week and they have logged what I found as an official bug. The cause is the new metering service in 5.5 or specifically if you go into task manager - Processes tab there will be a process running called KSWMeterSvc.exe and there's your culprit.

You can test with this scenario - manually uninstall a program and you'll be left with some folders in Program Files, attempt to delete the folder and you can't right? Go into task manager and end that process I just told you about and then go back to Program Files and the folders will be gone (or if they're not, you'll be able to delete them).

Of course, there is no fix until the next KACE release so in the meantime you can either restart after every uninstall (I know, not plausible) or turn off the metering service in KACE. All you need to do is go to your labels and disable which ever one you turned metering on for.

Then force, or wait for PC's to check-in. It actually took 2 check-ins for my own PC to stop running the KSWMeterSvc service which happens automatically once you disable the label from metering.

Hope that helps.

Answered 09/17/2013 by: twit
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  • Bingo!

    I wasn't actually thinking it was anything related to the Kace.

    Turning metering off. oops.

  • We are having simliar issues and so we had to disable software metering from all the workstations. It was mentioned there was a bug request submitted for this issue. Do you have this number or you could you please point us to the reference to this issue so we can monitor it for a fix or solution?

    • Hi, the official bug logged by KACE support is K1-14072. However I'm not sure how you go about tracking those. They mentioned to me that unless it starts to have a huge impact then it's most likely only going to be fixed in the next release which would probably be months away. I wonder how many companies are out there, yet to figure out that this problem is caused by KACE but we can't do anything about that.

      Anyway, hope the bug number helps in some way.

      • Hi,

        I have the same problem with thinapp applications. Turning off metering and i will see if it's solved
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