Hi everyone,

I am currently debuging an MS Office install issue after outsourced packager created a setup customization file.

The error messages are the following:

-WBDCD34I.DLL file could not be created

-Installation failed due to an installation proble. Restart Outlook and try again

-DLL(s) not found or created

The customization was done using command: setup.exe /adminfile from cmd  >>>

(setup.exe /adminfile C:\Office2010.msp /config "C:\Office2010\ProPlusSub.WW\config.xml")

My question is the following and please correct me if im wrong;

1- is it true that wrapper and msi method are not best practice for packaging MS Office 2010. I was told that the customization method is best for this kind of install.

2-Will I be able to find where the errors are coming from by running cmd >> setup.exe /adminfile C:\Office2010.msp /config "C:\Office2010\ProPlusSub.WW\config.xml"

3-Can you give me hints of where I should start my troublehooting since I never did this before.

Thank you all kindly


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  • I don't know that you can really refer to "packaging" office, as it is best to deploy using the customized approach as you reference (admin and config switches)

    It's possible in the config.xml file to set details for logging, both path/name and verbosity. Start with that and re-run your setup to capture the data
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Hello Vado,

To answer your questions:

1. One of the best practices for most of the installers that you want to customize is to first check if the vendor has a way to customize their installers. This is true for several applications like Adobe products, IBM Rational softwares, AutoCAD, MS Office, etc... If they do, use their tool to your advantage and make your life easier. You can also make sure that you are altering their products very minimal and support from them is important just in case.

2. There is a section inside the config.xml where you can set the logging. Set it to verbose and name your log file and its path. This is where you review and debug.

3. The very first thing to check is the config.xml and the log file that is defined in it. There are plently of reasons for the issue but you should always check the original files that came with the vendor versus the existing files that you are using for deployment. There are no rules for troubleshooting and you will probably learn and master them as you go along and taught by experiences... :)

Answered 08/23/2013 by: dj_xest
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  • Have a go at customising Office, there is lots of info on the interwebs. I think you will find it very very easy, just a bit of reading involved.

    Have a look at this http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc179132.aspx
    That will make your XML thing.

    This is more detailed example if you want to install xy and not z componets.

    Normally when you install office you only need the XML, as your normally install the rest of the feats. Are you guys going for a very customised install?
  • Thank you guys for your quick reply, it did help me to get a better overview of the situation...next step config.xml to set the logging, set verbose to filename and its path special thanks to dj_xest
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