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Has anybody used the recently introduced Mozilla Maintenance service to keep Firefox up-to-date? If I understand it right, it seems that non-admins would be able to complete updates. Is that true?

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it should be like chrome, which updates in the background.  It is running on our staff machines and appears to work.  some machines updated themselves from 13.0 to 13.0.1 yesterday


Answered 06/19/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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SMal.tmcc is right,

After looking into my k1000 inventory I see machines for users who clearly do not have permissions to install programs have been updating to Firefox 12+

Getting Firefox to update consistantly thoughout a network is another thing. I have more versions of Firefox on my network than I'm comfortable with.

Answered 06/19/2012 by: RandomITPro
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  • We went thru that and one of the other techs got the FF 13.0 push debugged and if we detect a prior version we push to them and it now looks like they should take care of themselves after that.

I've had this work for non-admins, but the users did have special install privileges, so that might account for it. I'm currently running some tests on this, I'll let you know what happens.

Answered 06/19/2012 by: Ben M
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  • I tested this using a domain account that was very locked down (no install rights) and as an admin, using several win 7 machines. As an admin it worked great, I opened up firefox and it updated silently in the background. The update took affect after I restarted firefox . As a non-admin without install rights, I couldn't get firefox to even download the update. I tested on several machines and had no luck. I finally switched accounts on one machine to an admin account, and firefox updated immediately without complaint. I'm not sure why my results were different than what others are seeing.