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How do you use Kace to keep track of mobile devices that do not check into the network?
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  • I guess it is going to depend on what kind of information you want to track. If all you need is to know who owns which device you could keep track of them by listing them as Assets and assigning each asset to a user. If you, by any chance, have them marked with say barcodes you could even include that on the asset so you can also identify them that way. You could scan the barcodes with your phone using K1Go.
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Whilst managing devices as assets is pretty effective, you could also consider deploying a tool such as Airwatch and using the integration into the K1 to see your mobile devices in Inventory
Answered 02/19/2018 by: Hobbsy
Red Belt

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I believe you can use google admin suite for androids, similar to the way you would do chromeboxes. Or airwatch for both ios and/or android devices. Honestly it's not really worth it for chromeboxes. Very little information is gathered, I wouldn't bother.

Or you could set them up as assets, but that would all be manually monitored, entered, and updated.
Answered 01/10/2018 by: five.
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I have mine set up as assets in Kbox and have to make sure they are updated each time one is added or updated.
Answered 01/11/2018 by: vmcelfresh
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