When I run runkbot 2 0 on a client PC with the 6.0.1079 client installed I see the following in the output:

kbot[2:1403008405] @ 2014-07-10T14:40:33 (activity) Launching program: 'C:\Program Files\Dell\KACE\KBoxClient.exe' '-server=,<Removed> -urltype=http -company="Company" -splash="Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance is verifying your PC Configuration and managing software updates.      Please Wait..." -fade=1 -notifyevent=' wait='true'
[2014-07-10.14:40:34][runkbot:CreateProcessWithEnv    ] KLaunch    Error: CreateProcess Failed: (2) The system cannot find the file specified.

KBoxClient is indeed to found, and is not included in the ampagent-6.0.1079-x86 msi package either. 

Am I doing something wrong?

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  • All the current .exe files are under c:\programdata\dell\kace and I don't see that there. It may no longer be used with the newer agents.

    What is the objective?
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According to this article you are telling the amp agent to connect to your k1000 and run script #2.
You can view script #2 by going to http://yourkboxurl/adminui/kbot.php?ID=2
It doesn't work in our 5.4 environment either.

If all you are trying to do is run inventory try runkbot 4 0.
Answered 07/10/2014 by: ghalliday
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  • I know what it SHOULD do - pop up a box and then run kupdater - but it seem that BOTH executables are now missing. If that is correct, then soemone needs to update all the KB articles that refer to them!!
    • Looks like they changed it in 5.3
    • runkbot 2 0 still works on Macs
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