My organization recently acquired a K1000 and are primarily using it as our Help Desk ticketing system. However, we do want to expand its use and include software asset management. Instead of re-entering our extensive software library into KACE, manually, I am curious if we can just import from our existing Lotus Notes inventory.

Does anyone have any experience migrating from Lotus Notes to K1000? I am assuming it will involve CSV files, but I am curious as how accurate and robust this transition would be. Thank you all, in advance.

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  • Well the KBOX is just a MySQL database. In the KBOX you would have to create the tables and fields along with field types of the information you want to import. The system won't create them for you. So some entry will have to be done.

    How accurate it is is based on how clean your data is. The KBOX isn't validating your information when you import it. It is either entering it into a text box or one of the options available when you build your tables out.

    If you haven't had a chance there are some tutorial videos that can give you an idea of the Assets module.

  • Wow, this is so much less work than I thought!

    The tutorial link worked perfect and I now completely understand what I must do.

    If I understand the process properly, if I need to make wide sweeping changes to my inventory, I should probably do it before I import my CSV file. Is that correct?
  • Yeah, I would try to get as much clean data into the KBOX as possible when you do your import.
  • You could try to create a view with the lotus notes designer with the assets per category you would like to see and export your view to csv. Next create your asset type with the field you need in the kace. Import the exported csv view and map the fields. Import and you are good to go!
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Review videos at http://www.kace.com/support/training/tutorials

Exporting the database from Lotus Notes as a CSV file, then using the KACE importing tool, works wonders. The only hard part was generating the necessary fields in the new asset (not that hard).

Answered 01/30/2014 by: Big_Rope
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