Has anyone seen errors in the console like this: "mDNSResponder: ERROR: send_all(24) wrote -1 of 4 errno 32 (Broken pipe)

I have two Macs that were working up until yesterday as far as being able to push scripts from kbox to them. Now they will accept the scripts some of the time, more not than often.

On the KBox side, the Run Now Status says "None of the machines failed to accept the server command."

  • The window units are working fine.
  • The kbox server has been restarted.
  • The kbox client has been reinstalled.
  • Doing an inventory update works so its talking back to the server, just not the other way around.
  • OSs are 10.8 and Mavericks.
  • Wireless is off
  • Ethernet cords have been switched and so have ports.

Any hints to solving this would be appreciated.

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  • Ok, more information has come to light. If I delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices.plist and reboot, the scripts run immediately after I log in like they are supposed to. But if you try to resend those same scripts, nothing happens. And, there are still all those mdnsresponder errors. I can repeat this sequence over and over.
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