In K1000 Service Desk, normally we can only add ticket rule to do something once the save happens in the DB. Actually sometimes, we may need do pre-check before really been saved in the DB. E.g. if something input wrong, once press "save", it may not been allowed to submit to the DB, instead, it should tell the person: something you input is wrong, it can't be saved unless you modify that.  Is that possible in K1000?

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  • Will it be set values or changing? You can set them to be required as I'm sure you know, do you just want to check to make sure the field isn't blank?
  • I don't want garbage data been input in the DB, for example, if I want user input an email address, I want check at least "@" is there, otherwise it is invalid information. Using ticket based rule, it is too late, change has already made. What I want is to prevent from saving if I pre-check and find that the data is wrong.
    • Have you considered creating a standalone form with the required checking that then emails your service desk?
      • Yes, there may have workaround to do that, I just want to confirm whether it can be done more straight forward just like pre-check :-)
  • The other suggestion is that you can contact professional services and have them install some fancy JS. See http://www.kace.com/~/media/Files/Support/KACE-Konference/2013/K1000%20Service%20Desk%20Advanced.pdf go to page 39. Note that the JS does not actually need to be installed as it can be loaded up and then used on the site without professional services.
    • Thanks, it looks good, but without samples and guide, it is a little bit complex.
      • Send an email to GillySpy as he wrote it, perhaps he can help: http://www.itninja.com/user/GillySpy
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