All the computers we are buying are on a 24 month lease and we are going to be turning them in for replacement at the end of each lease.  I want to have all the lease info assigned to a computer so I can easily generate report each month telling us what computers to replace and who is logged in so we can warn them.

From Dell I can download a csv file with all my units on lease.  The lease info is by Service Tag number which can be easily associated with a computer.

I can easily make an update to the csv file so I have Service Tag and a field for Computer which will attach the lease info to a computer asset but that leaves me with an issue.  We have a ton of turn over so we are regularly re-imaging our computers and giving them new names and I do not want to be going through the hassle of re-attaching the lease to the computer each time we blow something away and re-image it.

Is there a way I can run an update query each night so that the Lease asset gets attached to the computer based on the Service Tag fields?

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  • We have our Inventory set to match the Computer Asset based on serial number. If you use that configuration you can attach the lease information to the Computer Asset and KACE should keep the relationship from Inventory item to Asset and therefore the lease accurately.
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