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Does anyone know how to trigger an email action from manually inserting a comment row in a ticket DB? I have the sql all set to insert the custom comment, and it works. Playing with the other HD_TICKET_CHANGE fields, I cant seem to get it to trigger an email to go out to the ticket recipients. 

Best, Tim
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Rules are triggered either by a ticket being saved or on a scheduled basis. For rules that run on ticket save manually inserting into the database won't trigger the rule to run. 
Answered 09/14/2016 by: chucksteel
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  • thanks Chuck, so the process that sends an email out to a recipient is only triggered on ticket save? So if I have a rule that runs once a day, inserting a column, its never going to trip the 'ticket was saved' ?
    • If a rule is set to run on a schedule then it will still run based on those settings (daily, hourly, etc,). Rules don't generally trip the 'ticket was saved' option, as far as I know. You can have a rule that adds a comment using that checkbox in the rule configuration, and that should trigger a rule that runs on tickets being saved.
      • yup, in this particular rule, I'm inserting a custom comment, directly into the ticket change DB, to get around the inability to add custom variables to the built in ticket comment box. And to also use the HTML email features outside the ticket rules.