I have problem with one of my managed installations. It won`t install, have try different switches etc. The file is a graphic driver from Intel, and is a exe-installer. It`s works perfect to install the file on the computer manually in silent mode, like this: Video_Driver_CK4FF_WN_10.18.10.3574_A12.EXE /s /f

Client is downloading the file perfecly to c:\programdata\Dell\KACE\downloads\14153, but no installation.

Full command line I use this: Video_Driver_CK4FF_WN_10.18.10.3574_A12.EXE /s /f


Have tested to deploy other application through K1000 and it works fine.

Thx for help!
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  • The only thing I notice is that the user has to be logged in for this to run with how it is configured. Could that be an issue? What if you change that to Anytime?
  • Hi! I have this test pc beside me, and I have logged in to it.
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Have not tried to run a DUP as a manged install but:

That version is a Dell Update Package and may act a little different from the full installer Video_Driver_Intel_A12_Win7-8.1_32_15.33.20_3574_setup_ZPE.exe.

I expanded the exe using seven zip and then ran setup /?, What is the /f for that does not show as an option for this installer.
1. Try it without the /f
if that fails
2. Expand the exe with 7zip and then create a zip file from that expanded file set.  And try setup.exe -s -overwrite.

Answered 11/19/2014 by: SMal.tmcc
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Thx for input, have tested it now. But no luck yet, still not installad. But it works fine manually on the computer.
Answered 11/20/2014 by: Swede
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  • Jknox probably hit the nail on head. I have UAC disabled in all our images so that is never a problem here.

    It could also require a logged in user to run. This is rare but can you use a kscript to install it if that is the case.

    To be sure if it is elevated priv or needs an active user profile.
    first try it as system and see if it works, and if that fails change the script to run as all logged on users if that fails use the admin credentials in the script.
    • Hi! Have disabled UAC, no luck. Have contact Kace-support, see if they have any idea. Thx for trying to help me.
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Does it require elevated privilege to run?  That would be my guess.  If so, you would have to switch to an online kscript and use the run as feature to provide admin credentials.
Answered 11/20/2014 by: jknox
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  • I don`t think so, I have installed the driver manually and it works perfect, did not required any privilege. The computer I tried on, is logged in as a local administrator.
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Problem is solved!

K1000 with Winrar = BIG NO NO!

1. Extract the exe-file
2. Zip the setup-files, I used 7-Zip.
3. Parameters for silent mode is : setup.exe -s -overwrite

Answered 11/24/2014 by: Swede
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  • That was the number 2 choice in my original answer
    • Correct and thx for that! But I used 7z instead of zip I think. My bad. But anyway winrar with K1000 is not a good combo.
      • did not know about the winrar bug

        I always use 7zip since it lets you right click on many exe's and open that as an archive to harvest the real install files from it
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