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I've had a lot of trouble trying to master the managed installation part of Kace 1000 - regarding rights.

I could see that the target PC (KACE agent) had started the .msi file but always returned a "This installation package could not be opened..."
And saw in logs the (as I remember) 1619 error - which is something about rights, right? ;)

Then on the network share and NTFS rights I threw "Domain users", "[company_users]" which didn't help.
Then "Everyone" came on with read rights and it works.

Which permissions is needed for Managed Installation to work from a Network Share?
I use the "KaceService" user and it has access to both share and NTFS.
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  • Forgot to mention that I use an alternate location now because I don't want the files copied to the machine (750 MB, Symantec).
    So I use the "KaceService" user which has rights to the share and folder.

    For now we will just use the "Everyone" with read rights as there are only install files for antivirus there.
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The temporary solution is to put "Everyone" on share and NTFS permission. READ right is enough.
Answered 09/17/2015 by: it@aarstiderne.dk
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I don't know Kace at all but I imagine that a Managed Install will use the local System account which, as you know, has no network access. To work around this, you could create an account whose only role is installing software. Run the MI using that but beforehand, you'll need to get that account added to the local 'Administrators' group on every workstation.

Alternatively, I believe you can have the KBox copy the source files to a cache location on the workstation. The System account will quite happily use that, of course.

Happy to be corrected by the KBox specialists here.
Answered 09/14/2015 by: VBScab
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  • MIs do run as local system. In a managed install, you have the option of using an alternate download location which would specify a user/password to access the network share.
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