Hello, i have created a managed install from http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/upgrading-from-windows-7-8-to-windows-10-via-k1000-script using method three.
i can see that the download gets downlaoded and unzipped to /Quest/KACE/downloads/id however the command SETUP.EXE /Auto Upgrade /Quiet /showoobe none /pkey **** /DynamicUpdate enable /migratedrivers all /copylogs C:\Windows\Temp\ does not run.
I have tried entering this command in a .bat file and changing Override default installation, Full command line to install.bat which has not worked.
I have also tried double clicking the install.bat file from the downloaded and unzipped folder in /Quest/KACE/Downloads/id on the client machine which starts the install so i know the .bat or the command works but dont understand why from kace this will not start.
Other managed installs i have with a command for example setup.exe work fine.
I have has a quick look in kagent.log but could not see anything, Any ideas?
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  • When you used the batch file method, did you check the "Don't Prepend msiexec.exe" box?
    • Yes i did, however now im trying method 2 from the same link (the script way) which seems to work
  • When you test the bat file manually, are you doing so from an Administrator Level command prompt, or a command prompt with normal rights?
  • as its a .bat file i just double clicked it and the installation started, Anyway now i have this working through the Scripting way i have decided to use this way to update
  • Are you still having troubles with this? If so, I have gotten 500 to upgrade from Win7 64 Ent to Win 10 64bit v1703 Ent. Here is what I did:

    I ran one batch file with the below line in it.
    - "\\##\##\##\Microsoft\Windows 10\deployments\Windows10-1703\setup.exe" /auto upgrade /installfrom "\\##\##\##\Microsoft\Windows 10\deployments\Windows10-1703\sources\install.wim" /dynamicupdate enable /copylogs "\\##\##\##\Microsoft\Windows 10\deployments\logs" /postoobe "C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\189\Setupcomplete.cmd"

    The \\##\##\##\ is my server share. I ran all of mine from a network location so minimize the local disk space.

    I had 2 Dependencies
    - Setupcomplete.cmd: this had 2 command that Windows would run on first boot after the upgrade. The first line gets a new file ext setup in place for windows to use. The second line kicked off an upgrade script for Office
    --xcopy /Y "C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\kbots_cache\packages\kbots\189\OEMDefaultAssociations.xml" c:\windows\system32\
    --call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\KACE\runkbot.exe" 197 0

    - OEMDefaultAssociations.xml: This allowed me to set some application associations by default.

    Please let me know if you have any questions
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