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I'm attempting to build a Managed installation for MikTeX 2.9, which is very straightforward - a single exe and some command line switches.

the deployment is targeted by Label to 8 x Windows Server 2016 RDS Hosts, which are VMs. I can hand install the software using the same switches, with no issue. 

I've got the MI set to run any time, notify at start, during, and completion.

I get a completion message but the MI never does anything that i can see, besides download the file to the programdata\quest\kace\downloads\nn directory.

I've successfully deployed to an actual computer without issue, and sometimes if i RDP into the VMs and runkbot.exe 4 0 and then runkbot.exe 6 0 it'll run, but more often, it won't.

What logs can i look at to see what's happening? 

Has anyone else run into things like this?



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Mi's run as system and some software does not like to be installed by system, they need a users temp area to stage in or other things like that.

Try making a script and running that with admin credentials to test if this is the problem

Answered 01/14/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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