Is there some sort of free app where we can have a set of links in the systray that the employees can easily get and start key links or applications that we can define?

Recently we issued a survey to the service desk techs and also the employees to get feedback on how the K1000 was working for them.  I see there is a gap between the employees and the service techs that I want to try to bridge.

  • The service techs say it is difficult to get to some issues timely or assign them properly because the employees use the option to email in their issue instead of using the service desk portal.
  • The employees say that is so much easier to email in rather than use the portal.

After discussing the issue with the employees on why emailing is preferred it does not appear that the service desk portal is difficult.  The overwhelming reason appears to be that email is already open and just a click away.

Employees that have joined from many other large companies also told me that in their previous company they would have a small icon in the systray that would bring up links to their previous service desk or other key apps. I think something like this would help draw people to the service desk portal.

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  • It's probably not entirely what you want but there is an open source application called AutoHotkey. It allows you to create scripts for certain keystrokes. So you could assign the portal to something like Windows Key + Spacebar.
  • I ended up ripping off some Visual C# code and modifying it to create a hidden form app that drops to the Systray. The thing I do no like about it is I have only been able to get the systray icon to respond with a right click.

    It would be nice to find something where we could just add menu items to a systray object and put options on it. I think I will add a suggestion to the user voice.
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