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Can I apply a user security group to a machine?  I would like to create a LDAP label for devices that groups users who are members of a certain security group.

(&(Name=KBOX_USER)(memberOf=CN=CorpIT,OU=Internal,OU=Distro Groups,OU=Lithium,DC=lithium,DC=local))

The search seems to work correctly, but it adds all machines to that label.
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  • Do you have the latest patch? I assume you are on Kace 1000 v.6
  • Current Version: 6.0.101863
  • There is a patch (v ..64) that resolves similar issue with LDAP users.
  • i'm having the same issue. New AD gorup created, added 1 machine, test query shows 1 machine, but it adds all AD machines to the label

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Here is the advanced search I used to make mine work.

(objectClass=user))(memberOf=CN=IT,OU=Internal,OU=Distro Groups,DC=contoso,DC=local)(samaccountname=KBOX_USERNAME))
Answered 01/26/2017 by: eric.samuelson
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