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has anyone been able to successfully deploy the MAC OS and a bootcamp image?
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I have been trying to get this task done myself. Here is where I am at so far.

I have created a BASE OS 10.6 image with bootcamp configured the hard drive split 50/50. I have Windows 7 setup on the bootcamp side and all configured. I was able to work through my Netboot across subnet issues which ill explain on another post. I successfully uploaded this image to the KBOX without any errors. I also did a base OS 10.6 image with no bootcamp prior to this and I can deploy that one no problem. Below are the problems I ran into deploying the dual boot setup:

The KACE only has a job within it to partition a single partition for MAC. Which this really will be the first task to tackle in order to succsessfully deploy a dual boot image. Here is what I have come up as far as doing this.

I created a pre install task for setting up a dual partition which looks like this: (everything is case sensative btw)

/usr/sbin/diskutil partitionDisk disk0 MBRFormat "MS-DOS FAT32" "BOOTCAMP" "50%" "Journaled HFS+" "Macintosh HD" "50%"

This will create two partitions split 50/50 one being Journaled HFS and one being FAT32 (you cannot use mac os to create NTFS paritions which may be my problem)

This job works perfectly where I am stuck is the image task begins and gives me the following error: "Failed to create item for /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/Boot/BCD.LOG1: (22) Invalid Argument" and then exiting with Status 6.

I see this error from the KBOX 2000 Imaging Utility.

Any thoughts out there would be helpful.
Answered 03/10/2010 by: aawilks
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  • Hi, were you able to work this out? I am fairly keen on using the same process. Cheers
well, for one thing you might want to try macfuse, it helps create NTFS partitions with mac.
Answered 04/09/2010 by: knowmad
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I don't see any further progress in this thread. I'm willing to bring this up back again.

I'm experiencing the same thing as Aaronn's. My KACE can do everything except for NTFS-write support. Windows 7 requires NTFS-formatted drive before KIU (KBOX Imaging Utility) can load further. It did load few stuff on FAT32-formatted but KIU stopped writing because of error. I can see "autoexec.bat", "Boot" folder and "BCD" file inside that folder.

If there is a solution to this kind of issue, care to share with us?

Several ideas here...

Is it possible for me to modify Netboot image in KACE server? I want to add NTFS-3G driver (permanently) in that boot image. I was able to install in "live" Netboot but NTFS-3G is lost after mandatory reboot.

Is there such NTFS writer for Mac (ntfsclone?) that can be put in and run immediately without rebooting the "live" Netboot?

I believe that when NTFS writer is added to KACE's build of Netboot, it becomes "it just works".

Answered 08/03/2010 by: jwwhitaker
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We are having the same problem.

Has anyone been able to get a Windows image onto a Mac using Kace? I have searched the forums and there seems not to be a lot of Mac information.

Being able to modify the netboot image like jwwhitaker said, we think would help, but we have been unable to achieve this.

Any Ideas would be helpful.

Answered 08/22/2010 by: Darkhawk
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Currently this isn't a supported feature. Problem here is that Macs can't PXE boot so even if you create the partition you cant deploy to it. If we ever get a good process down we will be sure to post it ;-).
Answered 01/31/2012 by: scriptingninja
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  • Yes, you can't PXE boot, but you can boot from a CD with a Windows KBE on it.