Thanks to Kace support, we got our K1000 patched up to 5.3.53177 . This is good. We have Mac and Windows agents loaded on K1000 at this version. I've set up an automatic Agent Update setting with these settings:

Enabled (checked)
Update Broken Agents (tried checked for a week and unchecked for a day)
Limit Update to Labels (I have four macs and two windows PCs in this label)

So far, the windows agents are updating after some short period of time. None of my Macs are updating, however, no matter what settings I've changed. I've rebooted, verified that I have AMP connectivity, forced inventory updates, etc.

Any ideas where to start with these? Eventually I want to upgrade our K1000 to 5.4, but 99.9% of our clients aren't on the latest 5.3 agent yet, and I understand we need to get to 5.3 before getting the back end to 5.4. 

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I asked support about updating all of our agents to 5.3.53177 before our update. They told me that there were issues with auto updating with the 5.4 server, and the 5.3.47657 agent but nothing affecting check in. I still have about 1,600 machines running 5.3.47657 with no issues checking in. I would try and get the majority of them, but it shouldn't stop anything.

What version OS X? I ended up creating a managed install for my Macs. I just uploaded the dmg, and created the MI as normal. When the machines checked in, they received it. Which is what the agent updates should do, but didn't work on all for some reason. I created a label for Macs with 5.3.47173 agent.

Answered 05/15/2013 by: dugullett
Red Belt

  • I have found that the version of OS X can be a big factor. Things just stop working sometimes after upgrade the OS X version.
  • The few Macs in question are 10.8.3. I had the same behavior with 10.7.5 prior to upgrading these testers.
    • I think that's a lot of your problem. The OS isn't "officially" supported until 5.4.10622. If you are trying to update nothing will ever happen. Install the 5.4 agent manually on a 10.8 machine, inventory it, and then upload the dmg as your normally would to create a MI. Create a label for machines with an OS of (x86) (in my case were my 10.8 machines) and have agent version 5.3.47173 and run that MI against the label. This worked for me.

      I did have a couple that needed rebooting after the new agent installed to reestablish the AMP connection. This can be solved by adding a post-install message. I was not able to get a reboot to work in the script since during the update it lost AMP connection.
      • Although looking now it looks like I have about 15 10.8.3 Macs reporting the correct OS with agent version 5.3.47173 which I'm guessing is a result of my server update. I didn't notice that before.
      • The other option might be to de-provision the 10.8 systems, then update the agent files on the K1000 to 5.4 and reprovision them.
  • It's actually just recommended that you be at the latest 5.3 agent. You can technically update any 5.3 agent directly to 5.4: https://www.kace.com/support/Customer/~/media/Files/Support/Documentation/K1000/v54/K1000-ReleaseNotes-Agent-v54AP1.ashx

    Either way, I'd enable debug on the client and update a few to test it out in your environment.

    Debug: sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/AMPTools debug=true

    If you have issues where they don't check in, I'd open a support ticket.

    Some troubleshooting you can do:

    What happens if you open terminal and run the command below? It should show the agent daemon running.

    ps aux | grep ampagent

    You can force a check in client side by running this: sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Dell/KACE/bin/runkbot 2 0
    • I do see the AMPagent daemon running, but no version information. I'm just looking in K1000's inventory for this so far. The manual inventory update via terminal doesn't affect the updating or lack thereof.
      • It wouldn't necessarily. There's no way to force an agent update on Macs until you get to 5.4. (runkbot 7 0 on Macs/Linux)

        In 5.3, you are at the mercy of the K1000 depending on it's current workload. Even then, it only processes like 10 tasks at a time, so it could take a few check ins in order to update.
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