I am creating Lotus notes 9 package for multiple user which is going to deploy in Citirx environment. Using Installshiled tuner software creating this package.
Decided to have the Common data files will be under "C:\Notes\All" and program files path will be the default one. And personal data files be under X:\NotesTs\personaldatafiles (X is the common drive for all).

Before transforming this package, tested manually in test terminal server by 
And this command worked well and installed the notes perfectly. But when this transforming in to Installshield Tuner software having much difficult.

Please guide me what parameters needs to be added into Tuner software to make it install perfectly. Thanks for your response and it's quite urgent.

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  • Why are you using the set-up stub to install when you've created an MST to use against the MSI?!?!?
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stop, and think about this for a minute. remember you are doing Notes.

Now, multi user install is good.
By default it will install the actual application into Program files, and the Data will go into the users profile. Pretty much exactly what you want to do. Common data will go to C:\ProgramData (again just what you want to do). (except you have changed it... ) My advice, don't change that.


So, tuner, you can only use tuner on an MSI. (not an EXE)
So, extract the MSI, run through the install with the GUI and let it create the MST.

one small note, you will probably have to remove Notes from your machine that has InstallShield and Tuner installed (be careful).

Since you have all the commands you need, why push for the Tuner MST??? You have your install, move on.


Answered 10/13/2014 by: Badger
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Theoretically, you'd be able to add all of the uppercase properties into the Property table of the transform and you'd be good to go, but there may be issues with any logic contained within SETUP.EXE that is not performed with the MSI which it extracts.  Badger does raise a good point; you have what you need and you may not be able to get what you want.
Answered 10/13/2014 by: vjaneczko
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Hi All,

Thanks for your replies and valuable suggestions. I have solved the solution by commands that has included in the batch file and ran it. Files and folders have created in required places and installed the Notes client successfully.

Thanks again.
Answered 10/14/2014 by: mov2face
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