I have custom asset types that I would like to link to each other (i.e. location to computer type).  I have asset type 'computer type' (laptop, desktop) and 'location' type (austin, houston).  These items are listed with in the computer asset type and can be selected from with in each asset.  However if I filter the asset tab views in one way or another I do not get the desired results.  I want to filter by location selection and see how many laptops and desktops they have.  Or filter by asset laptop and see which locations have them.

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  • I followed the asset management guide pages 49-55 and played around with it but no workie...
  • Does an advanced search work?
  • Not really...some of the asset selection options return results and some generate an error. Does same for the custom views.
  • What kinds of errors? I am able to filter computers by location and department, both are other assets.
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