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Hello Everyone,

We just bought a new X1 carbon. I've created a new KBE environment for Windows 10, harvested the drivers with the driver feed builder tool and cached all my drivers. I would like to deploy via Legacy instead of UEFI with a single partition. Is this still possible with the Windows 10 hardware? Or is it time for us to abandon the old way of deployment and start learning how to use UEFI. Are there any articles about setting up a Windows 10 environment with UEFI and non dell hardware?

If I were to try to deploy this legacy single partition image on the X1 carbon, what bios settings should I modify? I recall reading something about changing RAID to AHCI.

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  • You need to check what type of CPU that machine has.

    If it has a CPU Intel KabyLake or CofeeLake, you will need to deploy a UEFI Image, since those processors (or newer) cannot boot from a Legacy source.



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