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I am using K1000 version 7.0.  We changed the IP address in Active Directory which I changed for all our LDAP labels in the K1000. The user LDAP feature is working but I am now having problems with the LDAP Machine Labels.  I have machines that are in multiple labels but are in only one OU in AD.  I even went to the extreme of deleting the label and recreating to only have the same thing happen when the machine communicated with Kbox.  It assigns the machines to multiple LDAP labels. Anyone else seeing this problem or no what could be wrong?
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  • If you have multiple LDAP device labels defined, each time the devices check-in all the enabled LDAP device labels are evaluated and if the LDAP query meets the criteria, the device is added to the label. So if you want only particular devices in a label the LDAP query must be defined in such a way that only those devices meet the criteria.
  • It is set up like that and has been working until we changed the server IP address. I also found out yesterday that the server was updated from 2008 to 2012 so the network analyst and myself are going to look at it this morning to see if we have a schema problem. Thanks

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