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I am having an issue creating LDAP labels.  The LDAP query responds with exactly what I want in the LDAP Browser and exactly the right amount of entries when I use the "TEST" (30 entries found) but when in practice the label gets Enabled it ends up grabbing every computer that checks in.

Here is what I am using : 
Base DN : 

Search Filter: 
(&(|(memberOf=CN=dept-networkoperations,OU=School Departments,DC=ad,DC=School,DC=edu)(memberOf=CN=dept-helpdesk,OU=School Departments,DC=ad,DC=School,DC=edu)(memberOf=CN=dept-applicationservices,OU=School Departments,DC=ad,DC=School,DC=edu)(memberOf=CN=dept-systemadministration,OU=School Departments,DC=ad,DC=School,DC=edu)(memberOf=CN=dept-erpservices,OU=School Departments,DC=ad,DC=School,DC=edu)(memberOf=CN=dept-itcoordination,OU=School Departments,DC=ad,DC=School,DC=edu)))

I am currently up to 244 computers added to this label, when the LDAP results are only 30.

Some background : our users do not log into KACE.  What I am trying to do is apply a label to a computer based upon the last user that has logged in to the computer.  This list of users would be organized by LDAP user groups, most of the time a group of LDAP groups into a single label.  

Everything appears to be setup correctly but it clearly isn't working.  Please help.
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  • Which version you are running?
    This was an issue with 6.0.101863, solved with the 864
  • Running version 6.3

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make sure you are also using the proper KACE search string in the LDAP search string...
Answered 01/10/2015 by: h2opolo25
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  • I added (CN=KBOX_USERNAME) to the end of the query and the "test" returns 0 (zero) entries, but it appears to be working now.
    • during the test the KBOX_USERNAME is empty (for test use a * instead of KBOX_USERNAME)