I have three different LDAP labels set up to target computers in 3 different OUs.  The queries test fine in the LDAP browser by replacing the KBOX_ variable with a computer name, but the devices never seem to update with the label.  I've read that this only happens on device check-in, so I've let it sit for a couple hours and I've also been forcing inventory on some test machines to no avail...  The LDAP queries are:

Base DN: OU=All Computers,DC=sub,DC=domain,DC=com
Advanced Search: (&(Name=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)(objectClass=Computer))

Base DN: DC=sub,DC=domain,DC=com
Advanced Search: distinguishedName=CN=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME,OU=Servers,DC=ad,DC=adcomparisons,DC=com

Base DN: OU=Non-Production,OU=Servers,DC=sub,DC=domain,DC=com
Advanced Search: (&(Name=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)(objectClass=Computer))

Any ideas?
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  • I'm sure you did but I'll ask anyways.. Did you checkbox enable at the top of each of those LDAP Smart Labels?

    2nd example: why is there a pathway for the adv search? Should just be (distinguishedName=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)

    and honestly if there are no users accounts in those base DN you dont need to use objectclass in the adv search. Keep it simple with (CN=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)

    Your examples

    Base DN: OU=All Computers,DC=sub,DC=domain,DC=com
    Advanced Search (CN=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)

    Base DN: DC=sub,DC=domain,DC=com
    Advanced Search: (CN=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)

    Base DN: OU=Non-Production,OU=Servers,DC=sub,DC=domain,DC=com
    Advanced Search: (CN=KBOX_COMPUTER_NAME)
  • Wow... I did not have the enable button checked, thanks.

    So, upon enabling, it looks like my label for the All Computers and Non-Production OUs (examples 1 and 3) are working, but the label for Servers is not. I had to specify the full path in the 2nd example because Non-Production is a sub-OU of Servers, and I don't want the Servers label to apply to the non-production servers. I could restructure AD if needed, just being curious at this point I guess...
  • It's working fine now, no changes, maybe I wasn't giving it enough time? Anyways, thanks for reminding me to enable... Doh!
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