I am trying to import fields from LDAP but I do not seem to be able to get all the fields I want. When I use the LDAP browser within KACE I can go to a user and find the field I want to use - in this case it is the departmentNumber field. When I then save the LDAP authentication settings with the correct base DN and search filter and go to the field user import schedule I enter the attribute names I want to retreive and try to map them, most are there but some are not - specifically departmentNumber and employee-id.

My question is why are these fields not able to be mapped? Do I have something improperly configured? As mentioned, the KACE sees the attributes when I use the LDAP Browser in the LDAP Authentication screen.

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Just as a follow up. The issue was indeed there were not enough records with those particular fields populated. I updated active directory and assigned all the users a departNumber via the attribute editor. A few days later I was able to map the field in the LDAP import.
Answered 11/10/2014 by: igalloway
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You need to add them to the list. Go to Control Pannel > User Authentication > "Bell Icon" for the server you want and look at the Attributes to Retrieve field. Enter the fields you want and separate each with a comma. Then, just to make sure you catch the field you need if there's only a few users that have it filled, change the Max # Rows to a higher value. If you have 100 users I'd set it to 100 that way you make sure your sample captures everyone. The fields should populate on the next screen once you do this. Just map them to whichever KACE field you want.
Answered 10/16/2014 by: h2opolo25
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  • Thanks for the response #h2opolo25, I did add the attribute names I wanted to import.

    I added manager, department and departmentNumber (along with the basic name, email etc.) - then when I went to map the fields, besides the basic name email, etc - only department and manager were available to me. DepartmentNumber was not.
    • is departmentNumber a custom LDAP attribute?
      Also try the Max # Rows if you have not already. I had the same issue for one of my domain and until I have a majority of the users with that field populated it would not show up for me to map.
      • departmentNumber is a standard attribute in AD (found in attribute editor). I did have my max rows set fairly high, though there were only a handful of records that had a value for that attribute. Interestingly, that same issue appears for the attribute employeeID.

        As I mentioned, when using the LDAP browser within KACE and checking records I know I have a value in the departmentNumber attribute, I can see the attribute and value. it is just when I add it to the attributes to retrieve on the Import Schedule screen that I do not seem to be able to access it.

        I will populate a few hundred records with a value for the employeeID and departmentNumber attribute and see if that makes a difference.

        Here is a link to some screenshots for a visual reference
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