Currently setting up LDAP User Authentication on K1000, created an account on AD for KACE and I entered the correct Search Base DN but when I try to test the connection in the LDAP browser I get ERRNO 6?

Can anyone explain what this error means?


Thank you,


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  • Hello,

    have you tried to enter the user in the LDAP login field in the DOMAIN\USER format?
    It may help!
    StockTrader - Marco -
  • Hey Marco,

    This seemed to help since it actually seems to connect now. Only issue is, for some reason, when I go to test the LDAP settings it keeps failing? I don't know if It's something to do with the search filter?

    Currently, it looks like this: (samaccountname=domain\username)

    Error I'm getting this; Error Search Bind using LDAP supplied credentials Failed.

    I'm very sure the username\password is correct so I'm just racking my brains as to why it's doing this!

  • Its the user or password LDAP Login, and LDAP password if required fields. Once those are good, replace KBOX_USER with a * and hit Test LDAP settings. It should connect, and return however many users are in group. When this works replace * with KBOX_USER and save.
    • OK Connection Successful.
      OK Setting Protocol Version 3 Successful.
      OK Setting LDAP REFERRALS Option 0 Successful.
      Error Search Bind using LDAP supplied credentials Failed.
      Error LDAP Test Failed. Closing connection.

      Got the error above after doing that! :(
  • The credentials are not working. Ok Connection = can connect to AD. Error regard the login credentials. Try your AD account and test. It should log in, without any errors.
  • It seems to be working now! Thank you! Really strange since I could have sworn the login details where correct before and I reset the password three times. Creating a new account fixed it.

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