I am receiving the following error and wonder where i am going wrong.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Testing LDAP Label Settings...
Testing "Administrator" connection to: hollar.local on Port: 389
OK: Connection Successful.
OK: Setting Protocol Version 3 Successful.
OK: Setting LDAP REFERRALS Option 0 Successful.
OK: Search Bind using LDAP supplied credentials Successful.
Applying search filter [(&(memberOf=CN=Kace Admin,OU=Service Groups,DC=xxxxx,DC=local)(samaccountname=*))]
Error: LDAP search (with filter [(&(memberOf=CN=Kace Admin,OU=Service Groups,DC=xxxxx,DC=local)(samaccountname=*))]) Failed.
Error: LDAP Test Failed. Closing connection.
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  • Not sure what happened but I finally got it to work with same search filter.
  • You can test the search filters by using Active Directory Users and Computer Find screen, Custom Search -> Advanced.
  • Thanks for response. When I did do the search it was finding the users but the test results are shown above no matter how I modified them. All good now though. Not sure why it started working as I set it back to the original settings I had.
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