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Good Morning,

I've recently updated the KACE SMA (from v8) to the latest version of 9.0.270 (Agent v. 9.0.167) and since then the agent version on the linux servers are not updating.

I've been getting these kind of error, and I don't know exactly what to do to solve this issue/bug:

[AMPTools:OverrideNameValue      ] AgentConfig::OverrideNameValue - Invalid input name: launchmenu

[AMPWatchDog:OverrideNameValue   ] AgentConfig::OverrideNameValue - Invalid input name: launchmenu

(I found out that these alarms are coming from a crontab schedule, but nothing that could be changed.)

I tried to restart the agent and force the inventory manually on 2 servers, and the alarm was gone. I'm trying to do the same on other servers, but it's not working.

Has anyone gotten this kind of issue? If yes, how did you solve it?

PS.: A SR has already been opened with Quest, but I'm still waiting for a better reply.

Thanks in advance.



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