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Hope this makes sense

Working with APPV 4.6 publishing to XenApp

My primary app requires secondary app to launch and terminate in coexistence with the primary, is this possible? Currently the secondary app launches on startup for all users which is not the ideal solution.

Any ideas?

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Launching secondary application is quite easy, you could use OSD scripting to trigger it as asynchronous HREF script (WAIT="FALSE") in the main application's OSD file.

Having it terminate is little bit trickier, but running POST SHUTDOWN script likely can do what you want if you use taskkill.exe in it with the process' name as an argument?

Answered 03/29/2012 by: ksaunam
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Have a look at DSC linking (Dynamic Suite Composition) it will allow the two sequence 'bubbles' to see each other and interact.

It all depends how your secondary application is invoked, is it launched by the primary, or do they just need to interact? In which case DSC is the way to go.

Hope that helps,

Answered 03/28/2012 by: dunnpy
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  • Apologies I should have mentioned, this is already DSC linked but I need the secondary app to launch and terminate at the same time.