If your attempting to configure the Latitude 3440 using the CCTK/Dell Command Suite it will not work. I discovered this issue while attempting to set a BIOS password using CCTK. Oddly, CCTK did modify the BIOS password setting but not the password I supplied. After the CCTK modification I was unable to unlock the BIOS. Besides the password, I also found that CCTK would not modify any other BIOS settings I configured using CCTK/DCC.

The Latitude 3440 was the only model experiencing this issue within our environment. At this point I concluded that this was not a config issue but something with the 3440. My goal was to remove the unknown password that CCTK applied on my 3440 test units. Surprisingly, to clear the password I used the dell bios reset iso tool which worked!

After contacting Dell they responded with this below:

The new Dell Command tools cannot be used on the 3440/3540 because that system does not use Dell BIOS.  Same with the precision M3800, XPS 13, and all consumer products…those all use ODM BIOS and will not work with Dell Command Suite.

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