I am installing MQExplorer application and it is installing fine in XP machines and getting some problems in Win 7 i.e., Language Dll's are not created.

Can anyone suggest me wat can i do in this issue.

In Setup.ini there are no configuration given to Win 7 OS they have specified only the old version OS i.e.,

[SupportOSMsi30] ;Supported platforms for MSI 3.0


Becuase of the Win 7 configuration things are not mentioned in the setup.ini do i am getting this error if so can you suggest me wat are the changes i need to do in the setup.ini i.e., like adding the win 7 configuration.

Note:- The files which i am installing are extracted from an exe, but when i install the same through the exe it is installing fine and when we install with the extracted source i am getting the above issue.

Thanks in Advance.
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I have not seen this application, so may be I am wrong.

As you are saying, through source, files are installing fine, and source must be using setup.ini file, but as you said

setup.ini file does not include configuration for windows 7, so just analyze it once again.
Answered 06/02/2010 by: Yaduveer
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Why don't you ask the Vendor?

Looks like from what you've said there is no obvious support for Win 7. I'm sure they'll be able to tell you straight away
Answered 06/03/2010 by: timmsie
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You might try running the setup.exe in compatibility mode. There is this small chance is might actually work OK. After installing, the application probably has to run in compat mode as well.
Answered 06/03/2010 by: Rheuvel
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Hi All,

Thanks for ur replies.

Still i am not able to resolve this issue, As i mentioned before Setup.ini is not creating the problem.

Can you please suggest me in this issue wat can i do, becuase i have tried in all the ways.

I am repeating my problem i.e., When i run my source i.e., Setup.exe it is installing fine in Win 7 but when i install with the extracted source i.e., MSI+MST. I am getting an error as "Language DLL has not been created, Unable to load NLS string".

I tried to extract the exe with the help of Uniextract application but i am unable to do it can you please wat are the other ways to extract the exe to verify wat is happenning exactly in the exe.

Please help me in this issue.

Thanks in Advance.
Answered 06/04/2010 by: sanath_sunny
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Ok, I must have misunderstood the first time then. So when you run setup.exe in Windows 7 it's working, but when you run the extracted content in Windows 7 it isn't working?

Another thing you could try then is installing the extracted MSI/MST on a package machine. After that, start first snapshot. Run setup.exe and start the second snapshot afterwards.

That should have captured what setup.exe is doing.
Answered 06/04/2010 by: Rheuvel
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As a fail-safe, I'd rename the relevant 'Uninstall' registry entries, to fool the set-up stub into re-installing everything.
Answered 06/04/2010 by: VBScab
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Hi All
For Windows 7 MQ explorer install to work you would need to right click on MSI file and select "Run as administrator". This will most likely work for VISTA as well.

Answered 09/07/2011 by: vanenkie
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