Is this a known thing? We did not all too long ago turn on metering on certain software and so far I've had 2 machines where KSWMeterSvc.exe consumes all available RAM on the machine.

Is there any fix to this? Other than disabling metering?

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  • I am not sure about the ram usage but I can certainly attest to metering preventing managed installs from working. What we observed was the metering service placing file locks on some files that would prevent the managed install from completing.

    Open up processor explorer and see what is actually going on with regards to ram. Post back, I am curious.

    We ended up turning off metering, which does not kill the process. We wrote a gpo that prevents the process from running.

    Support said they are aware of file locking and will fix it in 6.0
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We have had this happen and resolved at first by simply disabling the service.  We have noted by reviewing client side logs (KSWMeter.log) that the metering database is corrupted on devices where this happens and by removing the agent and redeploying it resolves the issue by creating a fresh database.  The current thinking is that the database file suffers the corruption due to an anti-virus process scanning the directory and our next step is to whitelist the KACE directory on the local devices and stop the scanning process to see if that resolves the issue of corrupted metering db's.  This is on 5.5 release.

It would appear that if the database is corrupted the service just continues to consume RAM until it has all gone.  If the service is not running or indeed if running with a clean database it is fine - we have 1000's of unaffected clients running without issue and 3 or 4 exhibiting this specific behaviour that have exactly the same log errors.  This is the error we see in the log of a machine consuming RAM and it is repeated in the log over and over again:

ProcessMeter::InitializeDB:caught CppSQLite3Exception with error SQLITE_CORRUPT[11]: database disk imageis malformed
Answered 10/15/2014 by: dave_doohan
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I had this issue today as well on one of our machines.  The solution for me was:

shutdown the kbox agent and metering services
rename the C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE folder to KACE.old
create a new C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE folder with the amp.conf file from the KACE.old folder
restart the kbox services

That will essentially give the agent a fresh start.  I am not sure if that will affect the metering history shown on the Kbox, though.  It should keep the same agent ID (stored in the registry) so you won't get any duplicate machines listed or need to reassign labels or anything like that.
Answered 06/19/2014 by: IDSI support
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I have also experienced this.

We turned on Metering a couple months ago to check out Adobe CS6 usage. Every now and then (today, for example...), I observe the KSWMeterSvc.exe taking up nearly 3GB of RAM (in a machine that has 4GB).  Obviously this kills performance.  A bug?  Maybe.  I think I'll be shutting off metering since this seems to be hindering more than helping. 

Answered 04/04/2014 by: sundermannc@wdmcs.org
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  • Same issue here!
    • we have the same issue !
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