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Hello All,

I am running into an issue with Firefox and the Knowledge base, we have created dozens of articles and most of them have either .jpg and/or .gif images included in the markup. These images look great in IE, but wont load in Firefox. Has anyone else experienced this before? If so, how did you resolve it?

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  • What happens when you view source from the page and go directly to the URL? Any chance you have ssl enables and the image src is using http?
    • We do not have SSL enabled. We have a couple of hundred pictures on a network share that are included in our articles.

      When I view the page's source I get <img src="\\networklocation.jpg"> When I click on this it takes me to a separate source page with a bunch of code, did a cntrl f in their to find any usable information, but didn't really see any. I take the \\networklocation.jpg path and paste it into the browser the image appears.

      I have noticed that when I click on the links of the built in KACE images like the dell logo or the print button in the source code, the images appear.

      Your help is truly appreciated.

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