I have setup a KMS server, using  the "Windows Srv 2012R2 DataCtr/Std KMS for Windows 10" Key which works and Windows Server 2012 R2 is Activated, i'm using a Windows 10 KMS Key for our client installs of windows 10, the problem is the count is not increasing, i can resolve the _VLMCS on a client machine and it can see it's pointing to the correct server, today when i got into work, a few computers  that i have already build as windows 10 using the Windows 10 KMS Key, are showing up in the Forward Lookup Zones/our domain/_tcp/_VLMCS, so i have duplicate entries for _VLMCS showing pointing to different computers, one is the correct server, the other 2 are client computers not even setup for KMS.. any ideas why they are showing up in the DNS Manager Forward Lookup Zones under _TCP?

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  • It sounds like you entered the KMS key on those client computers? Entering the key will cause that machine to function as a licensing server. You can use Microsoft's VAMT tool to remove the license from those computers, and then register them correctly with your licensing server.
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