[font="trebuchet ms"]Here at Carleton College we have a team of 3 experienced desktop systems administrators, but our KBOXes 1000/2000 are new. So please be patient with some newbie questions.

The KBOX 1000 can advertise managed installations through the /user interface for individuals to choose to install. But I don't see a way to offer existing KBOX scripts to users the same way. So my question is: Is there some trick to create a "managed installation", available to users, that just runs an existing KBOX script? (Maybe some obscure command line?)

Or do I have to take the KBOX scripts I've created and re-do them as "managed installations" (i.e., batch files, VBscripts, shell scripts) if I want to make them available to users?

We want to offer our more sensitive users the ability to "pull" just about everything we offer, so that their machines aren't affected by our "pushes". And some of that "everything" will be KBOX scripts, as well as managed installations.

Any useful ideas are welcome, even if untested. Thanks. Sande
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When you create a "Software Library" item, you can choose to advertise a script or a managed install. If the script already exists, simply create a new Software Library item and choose the bubble for "Script", and then choose your script.

WARNING: There is a bug that will allow ANY operating system to install a script using the Software Library. If you have a script configured to only run on Windows XP, for instance, then the same script when linked to a Software Library item will run on ALL operating systems.
Answered 04/13/2010 by: airwolf
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[font="trebuchet ms"]Wow, did I ever misunderstand that feature! Thanks for putting me on the right path.
Answered 04/13/2010 by: snissen
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So now that I'm actually trying to use this feature, I find I have another question. I have successfully deployed through the user portal MIs (.ZIP, with a .bat installer), and scripts.

But this time I have a simple, single .msi that doesn't need any command line parameters. I can choose to Install it (from the choices of Download, Install, or Script), but what should I put as the Install command line to get a silent installation with a progress bar? This didn't work:
msiexec.exe /i nameOfMSIfile.msi /qb
because it said it couldn't find the nameOfMSIfile.msi file. This also didn't work:
/i /qb
because it never ran the msiexec.exe installer at all. What's the correct syntax for this? There's no example in the documentation... Sande
Answered 08/31/2010 by: snissen
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Did you put quotes around your msi?

I have MI's in my KBOX and both below commands work

1. msiexec.exe /i "myfile.msi" /qn
2. /qn

make sure you select configure manually for the job
Answered 09/08/2010 by: asouter
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This works for me:

msiexec.exe /i "\\kbox\client\GoogleEarth\Google Earth.msi" /qn
Answered 09/09/2010 by: RichB
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